best ways to design your website

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best ways to design your website

Best ways to design Your website

Your website is the foremost attraction that more customers will have of your firm. Use below best ways to set up yourself stand apart from the competition

A well developed website can be an awsom selling weapon for medium businesses. but, even with customer changing mindset to online media, many business owners don’t understand the relevence of a user-friendly website. The small scale companies are again continuing with the inactive ways for getting business, yes but majority has changed.

It is critical for small companies to withstand the migration in customer mind and updates on the technology.

There are so many factors to understand when designing a website, and here we are listing some of the best methods for good web design.

Let it be responsive & mobile friendly

Now a days mobile phones have changed the way customers deals with businesses. apart from searching through local directories, the search results are right on their smart phones. Your website should be designed for smartphone devices. major part of the enquiry is coming through hand held devices and it will contine increasing the same habbit in the future. This is a big part and important one to consider now, as search engines ranks responsive websites higher than websites that are not mobile friendly.

The idea is to go with mobile friendly design, which indicates the site finds the user’s mobile device width (It can be a mobile phone,desktop,tablet or ipad) and adjusts the design and structure accordingly.

understand and analyse about the customer experience

When users start visiting your website, it should convey the concept and message quickly and clearly.

To achieve that, your website design should have instant and accurate call-to-actions; an attractive welcome page that also keep as a one-stop destination, so the customer gets whatever he or she wants to search for within a stipulated time frame, and no disappointments. All you pages should be connected to all other page to make it clear that users dont end up in a 404 page or he is not losing anything.

Design your website search engine optimization in mind

Search engines are a major source of user flow, so companies will needs their website to get a high page visibility. One of the major requirement of SEO is to make sure your website is describing clearly about your products or services. Keep using your keywords again such a way that the user search for.

Your website has to be loaded much faster so that it increases the users experiance as a result the ranking also increased. All the images used in the besite should be optimized first and it should not be larger in size. Once your website start loading slowly users will leave your aite and look for other links. Apparently you lose your customers

What Our Client Say

Web project of Mathrubhurni SEED - was designed and created by I-Make IT Solutions. We are happy with the new website and the support they have extended till now. This was carried out due to a need for revised design which suits for all devices including mobile phones. I-Make IT Solutions created a new website, after clearly understanding our needs. The new website is rich, warm and vibrant and a true reflection of the spirit behind Mathrubhumi's SEED (Student Empowerment for Environmental Development) project. The website is easy to use and is professional. It is responsive and user-friendly for both visitors and the content creators. Mr. Linu Shajan of I-Make IT solutions and his team were professional and executed the work swiftly. and effectively.

for The Mathrubhumi Ptg. & Pbg. Co. Ltd., (G. Anand) General Manager-HRD