Does Your Web Design merge with your business?

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Does Your Web Design merge with your business?

Does Your Web Design go parallel With Your Brand?

Website design, is referred as your brand identity which is going to be presented in front of thousands of your customers over the internet. Website is the ultimate source where users will get all required information about your brand,services products pricing,terms etc. In current world as you know major percentage of the users rely on internet and associated services so it is very essential that you have to design your website with your brand in mind as well as the nature of targeted audience.

You have to consider

1. Logo

Logo of your business should stand separate it must be attractive and should fit with your brand and business concepts.

2. Images

The main attraction of your website is good quality images. If possible capture good photos of your working areas with a good lens or purchase some high clarity images this will enhance your website design.

3. Content

The website content must be easy to understand and always try to convey the message in minimal words. Because no body has time to read big articles they must get the concept in minimum time.

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What Our Client Say

Web project of Mathrubhurni SEED - was designed and created by I-Make IT Solutions. We are happy with the new website and the support they have extended till now. This was carried out due to a need for revised design which suits for all devices including mobile phones. I-Make IT Solutions created a new website, after clearly understanding our needs. The new website is rich, warm and vibrant and a true reflection of the spirit behind Mathrubhumi's SEED (Student Empowerment for Environmental Development) project. The website is easy to use and is professional. It is responsive and user-friendly for both visitors and the content creators. Mr. Linu Shajan of I-Make IT solutions and his team were professional and executed the work swiftly. and effectively.

for The Mathrubhumi Ptg. & Pbg. Co. Ltd., (G. Anand) General Manager-HRD